Events at The Temple Event Center

Where Celebrations Become Legendary

Step into the enchanting world of The Temple Events, housed in the historic Montrose Masonic Temple, and discover the ultimate venue for your next celebration. Our exquisite venue, rich in history and adorned with elegant architecture from ornate stained glass to towering columns, provides a breathtaking backdrop that complements any event theme and aesthetic.

A Full-Service Experience Tailored to Perfection

At The Temple Events, we offer much more than a stunning venue. Our dedicated team of event planning experts is committed to transforming your vision into reality. We manage every detail, ensuring a seamless planning process. From exquisite catering and sophisticated decor to engaging entertainment and activities, our experienced staff skillfully orchestrates each aspect of your celebration, promising an experience that is both effortless and extraordinary.

Tailored Themes for Unforgettable Memories

Whether you’re dreaming of a sophisticated black-tie wedding, a roaring ’20s corporate gala, or a Gatsby-themed bat mitzvah, our venue is the perfect canvas for your themed event. We go beyond the traditional, offering bespoke setups aligned with your selected theme. Imagine vintage props for captivating photo opportunities, servers dressed in era-specific attire, and live jazz bands creating the perfect ambiance. Every detail is meticulously planned to immerse you and your guests in an experience that transcends time.

Flexible Spaces for Every Occasion

Our venue’s versatile layout adapts to accommodate events of all sizes and styles. From intimate ceremonies to grand, dance-filled receptions, The Temple Events offers the ideal setting for any celebration. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians ensure impeccable lighting, sound, and projection, enhancing your event to its fullest potential.

Be a Guest at Your Own Event

With The Temple Events, hosting an event is completely stress-free. Our event planners oversee all aspects, allowing you to enjoy your celebration as a cherished guest. We take pride in our flawless execution and white-glove service, ensuring every event is executed to the highest standard.

Your Dream Event Awaits in Montrose

Discover a turn-key, concierge-level event planning and production experience unlike any other in Montrose. The Temple Events is not just a venue; it’s a journey into a world of elegance, precision, and unforgettable celebrations. Let us host your next event and witness the magic of The Temple Events.

Montrose Moments, Lifetime Memories.

Types of Events we Host


“Tie the knot amidst Montrose magic!”
Begin your forever at the Temple Events Center, where history meets modern elegance. Our stunning venue encapsulates love stories, ensuring every “I do” is as timeless as Montrose itself.


“Let the rhythm of Montrose move you!”
Dance under the historic stained glass of the Temple Events Center. Whether you’re swirling in ballroom grace or moving to contemporary beats, we promise a floor that matches your rhythm.

Corporate Events

“Forge futures in Montrose’s historic heart!”
Elevate your corporate gatherings with a touch of Montrose’s legacy. The Temple Events Center offers a fusion of inspiration and innovation, ensuring every meeting makes a mark.

Year-End Parties

“Celebrate achievements with Montrose flair!”
As you bid adieu to a year of hard work and success, do it with a bang! The Temple Events Center is the perfect backdrop for unforgettable year-end revelries.

Christmas Parties

“Deck the halls with Montrose merriment!”
Step into a winter wonderland at the Temple Events Center. Our venue transforms into a festive paradise, ensuring your Christmas bash is filled with joy, jingles, and jubilation.

Murder Mystery and Dress-Up Nights

“Solve mysteries under Montrose’s moonlit skies!”
The Temple Events Center invites you to an evening of thrilling intrigue. Don your detective hats or favorite costumes and dive into a night of suspense, drama, and Montrose magic.

Cocktail Evenings

“Toast to Montrose’s timeless tales!”
Revel in a sophisticated evening of curated cocktails at the Temple Events Center. As the sun sets, raise a glass to Montrose’s stories and create new ones amidst its enchanting ambiance.

List of what the Temple has had as events in the past…

Weddings | Concerts | Burlesque shows | Male reviews | Murder mystery nights | Happy hours | Montrose business women meetings | New years eve parties | Christmas parties | DJ dance nights | Electronic dance nights | Swing dance lessons | Wedding receptions | Masquerade parties | Halloween parties | Wedding expos | Chili cookoff | Ms Claus charity event | Mardi gras party | Birthday parties

This is but a glimpse of the myriad events we’ve celebrated at the Temple Events Center in Montrose. We invite you to reach out, explore the vast opportunities, and craft your own unforgettable moments with us.

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The Temple Events Center: An Experience Beyond Events

Looking for an unforgettable venue for your next event? The Temple Events Center in Montrose isn’t just a location; it’s an experience. Steeped in history and architectural grandeur, the Temple promises not just an event, but a narrative.

Imagine celebrating amidst the echoes of history, in a setting that’s both regal and intimate. From weddings and formals to corporate retreats, let Montrose’s finest venue be the backdrop to your perfect day.

Whether you’re dreaming of a lavish wedding, a corporate gathering, or an intimate soirée, Montrose’s Temple Events Center is the canvas for your event masterpiece.

Join us, and let’s craft moments that echo through time. Welcome to the beginning of your unforgettable Montrose event journey!